The projects below represent my work so far as a programmer. I did not include any Code Institute walkthrough projects, experimental projects, nor code snippets in this list.

Code Institute Milestone Projects

Key technologies used


BasicDay Logo
Mobile App Product Page

Product page to showcase a Calendar App for iOS which I'm currently working on (Swift)

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


iReadMore Logo
Book Reading Planner

A simple book reading planner to create and print/export a schedule for reading a book

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Google Calendar API


SoftPursuit Logo
Software Forum

Only for educational purposes: A software forum to add, comment and rate topics. It also contains different search and filter options.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Materialize, Flask, MongoDB


Team Tool

Work in progress: Team planning and coaching tool for customer service teams. Create an account, add team members and add working shifts in the planning.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Stripe

Other Projects

Space Trash

This is a small game I had developped some years ago in Objective C and distributed it on the App Store. I had written the code from scratch, and designed all the graphics and sound effects. There were 2 version, a free and a paid version. The only difference was that the free version displayed iAds at the top of the screen. I haven't continued developing it, and it's therefore not available anymore. A short promo video is still on Youtube.

Plain Days

Plain Days was an iOS app which was my first project written in Objective C back in 2013. It's the predecessor of BasicDay mentioned above and is, like Space Trash, not available anymore. I had published 2 versions: A light version (for free) and a full version (multilingual, and with an additional week view in landscape mode). Check out the screenshots below.

In addition to writing and designing the app entirely, I also promoted it on multiple app forums, and created a banner for an add campaign.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2